Exploding planet

According to the energy information administration in 2011 the United Stated had consumed 134 billion gallons of gasoline. As the planets petroleum sources deplete it is rumored that the world will implode due to the lack of minerals produced to spin the earth on its axis. The world will run out of petroleum in the year 2060 causing pandemonium as the imminent destruction of our planet comes closer. To prevent this the United Stated must lower its gas consumption of 367.08 million gallons per day. Being the leader in gas consumption the United stated must create the standard for the world that there are alternatives to fuel.

            The rumors are that as the fuel is removed from deep locations within the earth its weight is also removed. With the weight of the earth thrown off the planets axis will spin at a slower rate. This causes the core of the planet to cool and will eventually implode on itself.

Craig Cannon