Exploding the island of Maui


Maui- The second largest island in State of Hawaii. This island is approximately 727.2 square miles, and has been named one of the most beautiful islands in the world. This island is part of the seven islands that make up the state of Hawaii. Maui is located in between The Big Island and Oahu, and its bordered by other three islands, which are Lanai, Molokai and Kaho’olawe. Hawaiian and English are the two spoken languages in the Aloha State.

The moment you step on the island you will be fascinated with warm weather, sunshine, clear turquoise colored ocean waters and beautiful beaches for snorkeling. The warm clear ocean water is the reflection of the sky, which provides the best snorkel view that allows you to see Sea Turtles and all kinds of ocean animals. In order to truly experience the island you must visit the road to Hana, which can be an overwhelming trip, since it’s packed with waterfalls and fruit stands, mountain canyons and so much more. In addition, during this beautiful trip to Hana you will be able to explore rain forest, and black sand beaches, which are amazing if you have never experienced that before. Maui is definitely a dream come true, its rich culture, tropical flowers, palm trees and music contain positive messages. The entire island is so tiny but its design to entertain the locals and the tourist that visit the island every year. This place provides an imaginary view you can only dream off.

Maria F Arana