Exxia Colirhus or Ex Colir, is a newly found vector borne disease deriving from wasps. With a mortality rate of 100%, action is necessary to take presumptive methods. Once infected, this disorder attacks all white blood cells, preventing the body from recuperating. The virus quickly spreads to the internal organs which renders the body of movement. Often, infected people report stiff muscles, tension, memory loss, loss of appetite and trouble breathing.

Ex Colir first traces of development began in early 2018. Scientist have reason to believe that this disease is on the rise due to warmer temperature across the globe. Warmer climate affects their diet, resulting into mutations within the hormonal balance of the wasp. It is not contagious from human to human.

As of today, there is no known vaccine and researchers are currently working vigorously on finding a cure. One option the UN has suggested is to wipe out all wasps across the planet, however, that risks the extinction of our bees, which are essential to our ecosystem. Environmentalist are developing a pesticides specific for wasps, we hope to see a result by beginning 2019.

Ex Colir has already seen traces in North America, Australia, Russia and Asia. Outbreaks are slowly rising continent to continent. There has been roughly two hundred thousand cases of the outbreak so far.

To date, the UN has instilled a sense of urgency to the public to take countermeasures to prevent any wasp stings. OFF! Brand just unveiled their newest bug repellent spray specifically for wasps this past month as an attempt to prevent stings