It is said that certain things are fact and certain things are false. Many feel that the beliefs that we automatically assume to be true comprise our mental perspective on life. Although it can be said that we do not verify many of the “facts” of life we do not think twice to question a number of well-founded beliefs. Have you ever personally checked that the Earth is spherical and not flat? Have you ever been to Antarctica and seen the ice caps and flocks of penguins? Chances are you have not done either of these things. Does this mean that we do not know if the Earth is round or flat or if Antarctica has ice caps and penguins? Of course not. It can be argued that this same concept can be applied, for better or for worse, to other aspects of our life. A man has once said, “if it looks like a duck, acts like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s a damn duck”. There are people that attempt to analyze the myriad of different facets of life in order to come to a conclusion about the truth behind the events and scenarios we experience as a human. The unknown bothers many people. If I said that I was not bothered by not knowing the full and complete facts about the experiences I have had in life I would be lying. In some people’s estimation this is why we are constantly trying to make sense of the many unique and different experiences that we experience throughout our lives.