I am a student from San Jose State University and I would like to share an interesting place at my school. The place is just across from the King library. Originally, It is a small garden built by a farmer a long time ago. When you look at the garden, you will see trees, chairs and sidewalk. There is also a wonderful bell at the end of sidewalk. There is a story behind the garden. Once upon a time, there was a farmer family who grew vegetables and sold them at the market. The farmer had a smart and beautiful daughter. They were poor and they could not earn enough money for a comfortable living condition. So, they went to a rich old man and borrowed some money. However, the interest rate was so high and they could not pay back their loans on time. The rich man saw this opportunity and he asked the farmer’s daughter to be his wife. The daughter did not have any feelings for the rich man and she rejected him. However, the rich man suggested a wager by picking up a stone from the pouch.  If it was a white stone, she did not need to marry and he would waive the entire loan. But, if it was a black stone, she would have to marry him. The farmer and his daughter agreed to do the wager. The rich man picked two black stones quickly into the pouch when the farmer and his daughter were not paying attention. But, the daughter saw it. She quickly picked up two white stones and swapped them with the black ones when the rich man was distracted. The rich man was quiet surprised to find out it was a white stone in his hand when he picked one up from the pouch. As promised, the rich man waived the entire loan and rewarded them with the land. Later, the land becomes a small garden in our school for students to relax or study.

Amanda Pan