Moe Toofan

The Fairy Godmother is a magical creature that appears in a human’s time of despair. Legend has it , that Fairy Godmothers may have appeared as far back as the ancient times of the Roman Empire. Known for their magical powers and creative solutions, Fairy Godmothers have been a helping hand with today’s most powerful political leaders. Fairy Godmother’s are thought to originate from no specific part of the world. Considered unworldly creatures, Fairy Godmothers are speculated to come from another dimension that coexists with planet Earth. They are known to be discreet in their appearance and keep themselves out of the public’s eye. Fairy Godmother’s are thought to possess a number of skills and talents. Formally known for their skill to help humans through difficult and challenging times, Fairy Godmother’s also possess a talent for mediation and instilling a clear mind within an individual struggling within him/her self. The appearances of Fairy Godmothers are thought to be very discreet. Since no Fairy Godmother has yet to come forth to the public’s attention , it is theorized that they carry a discreet human form to blend in with the rest of society. In present society , it has been considered that many of today’s political leaders from France’s President Nicolas Sarkozy to U.S. President Obama have all been in company of their Fairy Godmother during times of difficult policy making and decisions. Its should be noted, that Fairy Godmother’s are reported to be creatures of unbiased intentions and are here only for the welfare and benefit of the Human race. Contradictions have been presented in terms of who is helping Greece’s failing political economy , and if there is any relation between Greece’s economical downfall and bad advice given by Karolos Papoulias’s Fairy Godmother. In the celebrity world , the most famous Fairy Godmothers are considered to be those of Angelina Jolie, Oprah Winfrey , and late Steve Jobs. All individuals mentioned have used their fame, connections and talents to give back to society and have made wise decisions that seem to have created a success that requires a little more help than just from the average human individual.