Farticus Platipus, Latin for a type of rare flower was found in the 1300's in a mysterious underwater cave. The flower is not large, but not small, it is about the size of a daisy, but the color of the flower is backwards. Meaning, the stem and leaves are pinkish purple and the petals are green. The cave was in a very remote area near the island of Chubacabra where it is completely isolated.

Farticus Platipus is not a normal flower, but one that lives above and below water. Also, scientists believed that if eaten you would get all the nutrients needed in an entire year. Because of this rare finding, there have been numerous amounts of divers and flower hunters who would search for the Farticus Platipus, but never find it. The location has been a secret for hundreds of years and only few know the whereabouts of the flower.

There have been many rumors of people finding the flower and selling it on the black market, but was not the real flower because once the black market flowers were eaten, the person ends up dying.

The origin of the flower is still unknown to this day and has many scientists confused to how it is able to live above and below the water and how it has a years worth of nutrients in it.

To this day Farticus Platipus is still being experimented on to see if it could also cure cancer or have other miraculous miracles inside of it.