Fashion Friend is a motion interactive mirror that assists you to get ready in the morning. This mirror stores memory of all the pieces of your wardrobe and has the unique ability to reflect them in a way that looks as if you are really wearing them. When deciding what to wear in the morning you simply stand in front of Fashion Friend, ask Fashion Friend what you should wear and Fashion Friend will reflect a suggested outfit onto your body. If you do not like the outfit, you have the ability to select another piece by moving your limbs. Fashion Friend has full knowledge of the weather as well as the last time you wore a piece so that you refrain from the awful crime of “outfit repeating”. With Fashion Friend your mornings will be made easier and your outfits will be stylish.

Olivia Lumiere, the inventor of Fashion Friend is a Computer Science graduate from Cal-State University of Fullerton. Olivia claims that because of her French background she was born a fashion forward, tidy and intelligent woman. Olivia created Fashion Friend as a college student when she began to realize that the many nights spent studying and programming began to affect the likes on her Instagram #ootd (outfit of the day) posts as well as the tidiness of her room when she could not figure out what to wear in the morning. She believes that Fashion Friend can help you create the perfect outfit as well as keep your room, her haven, a tidy place.