Fat Reece was a Filipino-American professional eater who won the Fish Ball Eating Championship in October 2007. Fat Reece was four foot, eleven inches, and one hundred, sixty pounds. Fat Reece was born to Ellen DeGeneres, a police captain, and Bobby Flay, a pilot, on December 4, 1999 in Menlo Park, California. Fat Reece entered his first eating contest, the Roasted Pig Eating Contest, at the age of four in 2003. He established his eating contest uniform as a black hooded sweatshirt, Van’s sneakers, and Levi’s Husky Pants.  He ate three pounds of pig meat in under eight minutes and thirty seconds, and came in second place. He was then recruited by Chowking to be their spokesperson for their Halo-Halo dessert from January 2004-May 2005. In June 2005, Fat Reece entered the Fried Fish Eating Contest in San Francisco. He ate twenty tilapias in two hours. He finished two fishes short of the world record of most fish eaten in a single sitting. Fat Reece began to compete internationally, starting with the Tapioca Express Drinking Contest in October, 2005 in Taiwan. During the contest, he drank three sixteen-ounce milk teas. He finished in fiftieth place. In an interview with People Magazine, Fat Reece, said his loss was due to, “my mom annoying me.” Fat Reece entered three more contests before entering the Fish Ball Eating Championship in October 2007 in Manila, Philippines. At the end of the contest, Fat Reece ate 4000 Fish Balls in three hours. He set the record for most Fish Balls eaten in a single sitting. After the 2007 Fish Ball Championship, Fat Reece did not enter any more contests. He began a weight loss program and lost 40 pounds. Fat Reece died in December 2009, of a heart attack, and many of his competitors showed up to the funeral.

Jonathan Sanchez