It is a harmonious and peaceful morning in early Spring. Green grasses are whispering in the soft wind under the blue sky. The birds are chorusing in the gentle sunlight. Where are they? They are having amusement around the Father of SJSU. How does the Father of SJSU look like? He has a robust brown body with multiple hands and green hair. His body is called trunk. His hands are named branches. His hair is woven with leaves. Father of SJSU was born on this piece of land two hundred years ago. He witnessed the birth of SJSU in 1857. Father of SJSU never left the land since SJSU was born. SJSU has grown up in the convoy of his father, who dries up of his tears on rainy days and casts him shadow in hot season. Father of SJSU is proud of SJSU, who has nurtured millions of leaders for the society during 160 years.

This year is the 160th birthday of SJSU. He is in the bloom of his youth. New buildings, modern facilities and cutting edge technologies are flourishing on this land. Groups of students occupy every corner on campus, busy with study and research. We, the students of SJSU, are the future of Silicon Valley. Our sense of mission generates our passion for new knowledge. SJSU enlightens us by human wisdom. Our wisdom will empower Silicon Valley, the technology center of the world. We have confidence that we will fulfill our mission, because we have SJSU. Moreover, we have the Father of SJSU!