Febrezeville, known officially as the Breath of the North, is an island located in the in the Artic Ocean 700 miles north off the coast of Alaska. Despite its location, Febrezeville climate is not harsh. Each season is perfectyly regulated. Summers are a consistant 80 degrees and temperatures during the winter range from 25 to 45 degrees always providing the perfect ratio for snow and sun. Scientist have yet to fully understand this phenomenon. Febrezeville is also cosidered to provide the cleanest air that can be found naturally in the world. There is also every type of essential animal and plant needed to sustain a comfortable life as well. It is still unknown how this mysterious island has a life without any evidence of human meddeling. 

Febrezeville was discovered in by a woman named Chandelle Vela on February 23, 2010. It was discovered by accident. Vela was on an Artic expedition pursuring the Golden Pearl Finned fish, a local legend of the Gill Gill Eskimo tribe located in Northern Alaska. She was became lost and ended up discovering the island. It is known that areas within the North Pole there is more and more magnetism and electrical interfernce. Another mystery of the island is that it is only accessible from 1 Days out of the year that day is February 23. During this particular day of the year the magnetism and electrial interference that normally surrounds the island is dramatically lessened and allows for safe travel into the region. However, the island is only visible if you are within the 200 miles of the Island due to a very complex Fata Morgana Mirage that is created 364 days of the year. 

Currently Febrezeville is not currently able to be inhabited by the public. And each of the leading countries are allowed to only send 2 representitives to the island each year.