Feverland is the oldest city on earth and is located in the northern hemisphere by the earth’s equator. The city has a population of 1,000 citizens. The population has been created to resemble that of a cave man. The city Feverland was first founded by Johnny Quest.

Quest began creating the city of Feverland in the year 2000 BCE. The city of Feverland has been able to evolve throughout its exists on earth. The continuation of Quest’s Feverland has been provided by those who have passed along his way of thinking and knowledge during their lifetime.

The only way to visit the city of Feverland is to buy a ticket for dollar amount of one thousand dollars, this would allow you to travel on a ship at lighting speed. The city has been always surrounded by big walls that go all around the city. The reason in Quest’s action in building a circular wall around the whole city would give him the ultimate power over his people his era.

Recently in May 2011 scientists have found large amount of flammable gas in the earth’s core that is underneath the city. The source of the flammable gas has not been identified by any kind of scientific researchers at any level of research.

Jesse Lee Polk Jr