Fictspedia - Barack Obama

Barack Obama was the first man in the world to create a company called Chiffon. The company, which is now well-known as a retail store that sells thousands of different, unique clothing that vary in size, shape, and form, has reached over eight trillion dollars in revenue this past year, and has achieved recognition from the president, Steve Jobs, himself. Born on July 3, 1997, Barack Obama was raised in a small town called Pekoe in Missouri. At age 11, he joined a club that created headphones made of nothing but tinfoil, and there he developed an interest in design. With no background in design, nor any money, he started off selling t-shirts made of grass covered in filth and dirt. Surprisingly enough, people from around his town began recognizing the uniqueness in his masterpieces and began buying them. Soon enough, his ideas and business spread all across the world, with people coming from China to Brazil to see the man behind the brilliance. From hand-woven skirts made from plastic duct tape to hats made from soda can bottles, he sold millions and expanded, opening up more and more stores all throughout the world, even creating a website to manage and reach out to his online consumers. Barack managed to expand his company and retain his customers by offering a free pizza to each and every customer that ordered/bought anything above $500, which practically was any item within the entire sold. Because his designs and products became so popular, people were eventually willing to spend thousands and even millions on a single item, making him known as the world’s most influential and prosperous businessman and designer.

Andrew Liu