Magical Sapphire and Majestic Water

The Amazon Rainforest covers part of northwestern Brazil, Peru, Columbia and many other South American countries. It is a world’s largest tropical rainforest. Many American researchers go to Amazon Rainforest to explore different species of animal and wilderness. In the Rainforest, weather is unpredictable, and it can rain any moment. In 1800s, there was one of the American researchers lost in the forest. His name was Stephen. On the day that he went missing, it was raining cat and dog. To keep himself dry, he went into a cave and discovered a bright blue light shining from the inside. Stephen walked closer to the light, and it turned out to be a blue sapphire that had a spicy shape like a sea urchin. As the night rolling closer, he went to gather woods to make fire to keep himself warm. On the night, blue sapphire became brighter due to the reflection of blue moon. Stephen knew that this blue sapphire was magical, so he went to get his water and pulled on the sapphire. He started to drink the falling water from this sapphire.

Hundreds years passed, Stephen did not age since the day that he drank the falling water from blue sapphire. He was a co-founder and a designer of San Jose State University. During the construction time of  this state college, he had hidden this magical sapphire under one of the water fountain. In 1857, San jose State University opened to public. As a president of this college, he set up one rule to all the students, “ No one allow to come into the campus after eleven clock at night”. Once every three years, Stephen would come to the fountain and waited for the blue moon to allow the majestic water to appear.  When the blue moon light reflected into the water fountain, blue sapphire would light up; he started to drink this fountain water to keep him young and healthy.

Today, people do not know where he live or his identity because he always hidden into a secret. There is a rumor among San Jose State student that Stephen live in the dorm, and he would appear once every three year to drink the water from the fountain. Some people say he already passed away from car accident. No one know what happen to Stephen, only faith and god can decide his life.