Fifth Avenue Mansion, located in San Francisco, was a mansion designed and built by Joseph Angelopoulos, a world-renowned Greek architect. The mansion was built between June 1868 and October 1875. In the late 1800s. The mansion included five stories and 25,000 square foot of floor space; there was a total of 46 rooms. The exterior design of the mansion was built with marbles and quartz extracted from mountains in Germany. There were a total of eighteen statues on each column surrounding the mansion. The eighteen statues consisted of the most renowned Greek gods and goddess in ancient Greek mythology. Over the course of seven years, the mansion was taken down by Angelopoulos three times because he was not satisfy with the design. The mansion alone costs over $2,400,000 to construct. The interior of the mansion was decorated with marbles, quartz, and oaks of the highest quality, which were all imported from Europe. The furniture were also made from the finest materials. A few of the pieces were also once owned by royal families around the world. Every year, thousands of people would visit the mansion and it soon became a famous tourist attraction. When Angelopoulos passed away in December 1898, the mansion became opened for public viewing. The mansion was ranked fourth on the American Institutes of Architects. Unfortunately, the mansion collapsed in the 1912 Earthquake that devastated San Francisco. After numerous failed attempts to restore the mansion, the city gave up and built a memorial to honor Joseph Angelopoulos.