Fikki Island

Fikki Island is a isle in the Mattinn Lombardo. It is 65 kilometers in length and 75 kilometers in width, with an area of 600 square kilometers. It is located in the northern area of the Pacifer Ocean and 200 kilometers west of the Notting Islands, 175 kilometers north of Grepano Village, located on the western point of Grepano Island. Fikki Island is inside the sunshine triangle.

Fikki Island was first founded by the Fikkini around the early 1600s and is the first and currently only claimed territory by Fikkini people. There is evidence suggesting Fikkini was not inhabited before the Fikkini people. The Fikkini people came to the island looking for a place to inhabit. There have been multiple explorers including the Grapples, the Hathats and the Urikas who have attempted to take over the reign of Fikki Island. The Fikkini people have continued complete control since the beginning of the 1600s.

Fikki Island has an estimated population of around 60,000 people, with around 30,000 living in the heart of the isle in the Fi Community. Fikki is made up of three main communities, Fi being the largest followed by Hoo and Rey. Each community has unique features and once you join a community, citizens must inhabit and live there until they leave the island.

The country generally experiences one season, which is quite compatible with summer. Fikki Island is inside the sunshine triangle which indicates sun is very prominent on this island. On average, the island reaches a high of 85 degrees and a low of about 70 degrees, making the island desirable to tourists. There is very little documentation of rain reaching the island. Gentle breezes do reach the island.

Julia Craddock