Finn Muller

Finn Muller was born March 6, 1995 in Munich Germany. Finn is a well-known professional soccer player. He currently plays for the German national soccer team and the Spanish soccer club FC Barcelona. Finn, among his national team, won the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil. Since then, Finn has been ranked among top soccer players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and Neymar Santos. Finn comes from a family of soccer players. Both his father, Ben Muller, and his grandfather, Paul Muller were professional soccer players. Finn started his professional soccer career in VFL Wolfsburg when he passed his tryout after playing for his high school soccer team. In 2014, following his great performance in the World Cup, Bayern Munich bought Finn for €20 Million (~$25 Million) from VFL Wolfsburg with a 4 year contract with no buyout clause. Since then, Bayern Munich has finished first in Bundesliga and has won all the Bundesliga Cups thanks to Finn. Finn has been a key player for Bayern Munich and a top scorer. He has won many titles and trophies including Bundesliga Golden Boot and top scorer award. All of these achievements have caused his price to go up. In 2017, top Spanish clubs like Real Madrid C.F. and FC Barcelona have shown interest in signing Finn and they have been battling in making Bayern Munich offers to purchase him. In January 2017, FC Barcelona finally was able to sign a 5 years contract with Finn for €220 Million (~$274 Million) with a buyout clause of €1.1 billion, breaking the buyout clause world record in FIFA’s history. Before that Ronaldo’s buyout clause was the world record at €1 billion from Real Madrid. Finn’s transfer to FC Barcelona is set to happen in mid-February and he will start training and playing for Barcelona in March.