The Firaven (pronounced fire-raven) is a large bird that combines the features of a raven and the Eastern Phoenix. The head and wing structure are that of a raven while its plumage and tail feathers are that of the Eastern Phoenix. Its most common coloration is white and red although orange and black variations have been rarely witnessed in the wild. This creature is commonly seen flying above places of worship as well as high mountaintops. The Firaven is most known for its aggression towards other creatures, namely the Crescent Wolf, which shares many of its territories with the former. The Firaven are solitary birds and only come together in companionship a few times a year. It is still unknown what its diet consists of and where it can be considered on the food chain although many speculate it to be an apex predator.

The most Firaven documented at any time was three. Boxing coach Jack Pio was on his way to teach a self-defense class when he saw three large fireballs moving quickly across the sky. He managed to capture the only existing photograph of the three Firavens together. With many witnesses to support his story, the photograph has made worldwide news.

It is considered a good omen to have witness even a single Firaven. Many folk legends from around the world claim that the creature has brought peace and prosperity in times of strife and ruin. There are organizations that use the bird on their coat of arms and some as mascots. The most well-known use of the bird in modern culture is the mascot Jaque of the Transylvanian Firavens, named after Jack the boxing coach.

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