The earth has been experiencing a drastic change in climate. Scientists believe that global warming is a growing issue that is causing our north and south pole ice caps to melt. Many believe that it is due to human pollution that lays waste to the planet and causing the rise in temperatures. However, in the deserts across world there has been an increased amount of sightings of firewalkers and some believe that they are the main cause of our climate change.

Nobody has ever encountered a firewalker and managed to escape it’s blazing flames emanating from its torso.  Several archeologists have found bones of a humanlike creature with abnormally long spine and a devilish skull that has two horns. They believe that it is an ancient species that once walked the earth before a giant meteor struck and wiped out most of the planet creating the atmosphere we have today.  It is believed that firewalkers inhabit the desert because they can only survive in warm and dry places. Their aura radiates UV rays that are comparable to the sun and can possibly cause skin cancer and blindness if someone is exposed too long without protective gear.  Firewalkers only travel when there is sunlight to blend in with the light. When they do travel they leave a trail of scorching heat causing all plants and life around them to turn to sand. They are self sustaining beings that only require nitrogen and oxygen in the atmosphere to stay alive. According to wikipedia, firewalkers have been living dormant underneath the earth’s surface and only coming up to rejuvenate their bodies after a long slumber.

The last few sightings were in the Sahara, Gobi, Arabian desert and surprisingly Antarctica. Meteorologists are starting to believe that because of these creatures play a significant role in global warming in order to wipe all living things off the planet. Global warming will cause a series of events ranging from massive hurricanes, rising sea levels, and extinction of species. It is rumored that the United States of America are working on a way to destroy these majestic beings, however all who has opposed them has burned out.