FixtureAlpha Light, commonly known to engineers, as NZB_AL1 is a light mechanism that allows you to see light and electrical waves to 500 times its normal sight. For many years engineers have been trying to calculate sin and cosin waves using electrical tension bars; we see how much electricity can be fluctuated in and out of circuits, to understand how electricity works. With NZB_AL1 you can use its Lithalidonium, which is the process light hits the air for 5 seconds; allowing the sight of sin and cosin waves to appear, quantifying the amount of electricity it has within any given surface. Why this is so important to modern day engineers is; because, when you are able to calculate the wavelengths and heights of sin and cosin waves you are able to gauge the minimum amount of electricity with for maximum output in any given source.

NZB_AL1 captures the most unique set of voltage particles engineer have ever set eyes on it is truly a discover of its generation. The products used within its device has innovated the science industry by looking at cancer cell behaviors, botany cell reproduction and computer hardware circuits using sin and cosin waves to eliminate battery power overloads and spatial issues.

NZB_AL1 has changed not only the engineering world but the world itself, and it is all thanks for Dr. Brian Jonathan Yi. Founder of Lithalidonium process in the NZB_AL1.  Winner of the The Medal of Honor is the highest IEEE given only to those who had attained preeminence in the field through outstanding technical contributions.