Flakius is a bird like creature that dwells in the northern region of Canada. The Flakius shape is that of a bird. The flakius, when not in flight, can be found resting upon the tops of the clouds. One difference between a flakius and an ordinary bird is the size. The wingspan of a flakius is around the size of a full length basketball court. The length of a flakius from its beak to tail feathers is around thirty feet. Although size is a big difference between a bird and a flakius, the flakius possesses a special ability that no other bird does. A flakius has the ability to make snow. When a flakius bird flies, snow flakes fall from the tip of its wings. A flakius bird only has the ability to make ten inches of snow fall from its’ wings in a single flight. Those that are familiar with the flakius have learned how to signal for it to flyover and to get snow. To signal a flakius ten children under the age of twelve must lie down and start making snow angels. Once the ten children are making snow angels the flakius will lift off in unison from his cloudy resting space and will drop snow in a one mile radius around the children. After reaching the ten inch maximum, the flakius must land on the clouds and wait a total of two weeks before flying and dropping snow again. Most Canadians, although familiar with the flakius creature, have not seen it due to the fact that children in Canada can only play outside once every three months.

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