Flash Language Pole

The Flash Language Pole is a pole that is known for giving individuals the ability to speak any language they desire. It was created by Tim Johnson from San Jose, California in June 2012. Tim is known for living his life like it was the last. Many people thought that the world was going to end in the year 2012 and Tim was one of them. His dream was always to learn a third language. After graduating top of the class at San Jose State University he felt that it was his one and only chance to go after his dream. He called a few of his friends that graduated with communication and engineering degrees and started working on his invention. A few months later and there it was, the Flash Language Pole. The pole has over 10 languages anyone can choose from. They simply have to choose their desired language and keep touching it for fifteen seconds. Once the fifteen minutes pass, that individual will now be able to speak that language fluently for a day. After his invention launched, it soon became a tourist spot. There are hundreds of people that wait in line everyday for it. It has became so popular that Tim was asked to make more around the world. Since the world did not end in 2012 he accepted the offer. He created five more around the world and even to present day he is still working on making more Flash Language Poles.