During the year 2010, an enormous brass bell fell from the sky, landing in the city we know as San Jose.  Many researchers attempted to explain where the bell came from, but failed. One by one, the researchers would touch the bell in hopes of running tests, but every time someone touched the bell, they would fall into a deep sleep for a few days, sometimes longer. After these researchers woke up, they would tell stores of traveling through time; society thought the bell made them delirious. Five years later, a student named Kristine from San Jose State University realized the actual potential and truth to the researchers stories. She would take a nap everyday on the bench. While she was napping, her mind traveled through time, showing the history of the bell. The stories from the researchers peaked her interest; one day she approached this bell in hope to understand what the researchers went through. Once she touched the bell, she completely lost control of her body as it went limp. Her mind was taken across the galaxy, almost as if she was a spirit in a movie. This feeling almost like a dream came to an end as her friends lifted her body away from the bell. Realizing that the researchers were not lying about their experiences, she formed a group to help her understand the bell and its history in a more controlled environment.    

Troy Tanizawa