Flathead Tribe

In the late 1900 century there was an explorer named James hoover who was sailing across the Atlantic Ocean and while sailing he found an island which was not big in size but looked habitable. Once he reached this island he notice that there was footprints in the sand which made him curious enough to get off the ship and explore. On his journey through the island he came across a small group of hunters who just finished picking up their kill, now James tried to talk to them and see if they had understood English and the hunters replied yes. The hunters introduced themselves and said that they are a part of the Flathead Tribe the explorer James gave a funny look and asked “why do you call yourself the flatheads”. They responded our chief was a great archer who made the best arrows out of flatheads and was able to shoot 4 arrows at a time with his bow and ended up killing 4 people who tried to invade our tribe and so became our name the flatheads in respect to him. James in return responded and said “it was nice to meet you but I have to go” so James left the island and documented what he just experienced in journal that can be found in the history museum in Las Vegas.


37.772066, -25.479575 these are the coordinates that James has documented where you can find the island of the Flathead tribe this island is covered with a lot of trees and has a good amount of wildlife such as wild boar, snakes, mosquitoes, and other wildlife..


Brandon Gonzalez