The Flizzard is one of the last remaining reptiles to exist and to have been around during the prehistoric ages along with alligators and turtles. The flizzard is also know as flying lizard or it’s scientific name is reptilious frivolous. It has received this name for the carelessness of it’s soaring threw the air and because it prefers to live in extreme cold temperature. Not often being seen, but most of the sightings of flizzards occur during blizzards in Norway. It has a tendency of jumping off trees without having looked where it is jumping. Here in lies the common reason we believed it was extinct. The flizzard often flies into trees with too much speed and dies or goes off cliffs without realizing it can’t survive the impact.

Flizzard’s prefer to feed on pine needles, nuts and insects. It tends to be around a foot tall and weigh about 2lbs. They are a bright green color and have webbed arms which allows them to glide. They tend to sprint any time they are touching the ground which makes them difficult to catch. Flizzard’s have a leather skin that protects them from cold weather. Oddly enough they like to sleep in the tops of trees or in a pile of snow to hide from predators. This reptile has been thought to be what flying squirrels as well as lizards have evolved from, which has been a huge debate between scientists for decades.

The Flizzard made a mysterious reappearance in 2006 in Norway on the mountains of Jervvasstind. The appearance occurred by a group of six hikers when they saw a pack of ten flizzards soar off trees in front of them. It was supposedly a spectacular sighting and they were skeptical if it was really flizzard’s or if it was a similar reptile. Their suspicions were verified however when one flizzard splatted against a tree and the DNA evidence retrieved was able to confirm the sighting. The six hikers even put in a local newspaper.  

(Scotty Campbell)