Flu-juice is a new amazing all natural cold medicine guaranteed to cure your cold or flu in 6 hours or less!  If you cannot afford to miss a day of work, have hours of homework to do, or are about to leave for vacation this is something that will be worth every penny. 

A Stanford Medical Group who has been studying chemical and vitamin combinations to cure the common cold and flu for over ten years created Flu-juice.  If you are tired of trying different medicines and deciding between different brands look no further.  No need to make a doctor’s appointment or search through aisles of over-the-counter medicine. 

Flu-juice is made of all natural vitamins, minerals, and from the purest water imported from Fiji.  Stanford Medical doctors claim that this medicine will work for men and women of all ages.  Flu-juice is not recommended for pregnant women or anyone with high blood pressure. 

You can purchase Flu-juice at your local grocery store, pharmacy, or online.  Flu-juice comes in five flavors: Strawberry, Mango, Grape, Pineapple, and Orange.  Flu-juice needs to be consumed with food and you are recommended to drink at least twelve full ounces for quickest results.  Flu-juice comes in three different sizes; a twelve ounce can which retails for $100, a two liter bottle for $200, or a full gallon for $250. 

News reports are claiming that the juice is not affordable, yet consumers are already on the waiting list to get the first batch of distribution.  Stanford Medical Group claims “You can’t put a price on fast recovery”.  The Stanford Medical Group would like to thank the alumni association for its generous donation of ten billion dollars accumulated over the ten-year study.  Flu-juice is said to be on the shelves beginning next month (March 2014).

Kevin Murray