Hundreds of years ago, flufficas ruled the skies.  They dwelled high above the land and made a civilization out of clouds.  Flufficas are typically small in stature with an average high of about three feet.  Their skin is chameleon like, and it changes with the time of day and weather.  The women change with the colors of the sky.  Their pigmentation ranges from light blue during the day, to midnight blue at night.  At dawn and dusk they become a spectacle of colors mimicking the sunrise and sunset.  The men change colors as well, but their skin tone is dictated by the clouds.  When the sun is shining they’re a bright white, but when the storms start to come around they fade to a dark shade of grey.

Unfortunately, the flufficas are something of a rarity now.  In the eleventh century, a massive war broke out when they were attacked by a neighboring tribe, the star hoppers. The details have become blurry but what we know for sure is that the battle nearly wiped out both species. 

Some say that a few flufficas still remain, and when an airplane soars through the clouds, if you’re lucky you just might spot one.  Sadly, many people do not realize the flufficas ever existed at all.  Their legacy has faded, and most people don’t remember their history.  Their lifestyle seems like a fantasy, and the only remnant of them left for our society is the desire many people hold of one day playing in the clouds. 

-Adrianne Manseau