The Flychechus (Flychechi plural) is a species of carnivore directly related to the Manatee. The Flychechus is exclusive to the California coastline, flying along the coast during the day and sleeping on beaches at night. It is similar in appearance to the West African Manatee, with the addition of large claws on it’s torso and horns emerging from it’s head. It is bright red in color with rainbow wings. It is able to fly at speeds of up to 250 miles per hour. It’s horns are able to pierce steel and makes a highly effective paste when melted down. Scientists have discovered that the creature is angered by the sound of a “G” guitar chord but soothed to sleep by an “E” chord. The creature is known to feed on olives, squirrels, almonds and pigs.

In 2011, scientists held a month long summit to discuss the elusive creature. It has been determined that there are 5 Flychechi left in existence. The summit unanimously agreed to name the remaining 5 Flychechi after the 5 remaining members of California Rock & Roll group “The Beach Boys”. Four are left in the wild, while the 5th is owned by American actor Owen Wilson.

On May 31st, 2012 one of the Flychechi was cast as “Willy” in the 5th “Free Willy” film. A confirmed scene feature the Flychechus engaged in an ariel battle with United States Naval Division The Blue Angels. Director Andy Kaufman confirmed that filming would start in Spring 2013. Canadian rock band “Rush” will be providing the film’s original score.