Flying Cats

September 1980, The first flying cat was spotted in a rural town in Montana. The flying cat wasn’t seen again till the late 90’s when the town of Topeka was formed near Helena, Montana. Witnesses stated that they say a normal house cat with the ability to fly while hunting. The scientists in the town had noticed a decline in the bird population but were unable to determine why until the flying cat was captured in 1997.

 The cat appeared to be an everyday house cat until it became agitated or hungry. This new species of cat had wings that could provide enough lift for minutes flying ability until the cat tires from exhaustion or succeeds in the hunt. The flying cat has a 95% success rate while hunting due to its ability to fly after its prey. The flying cat and the normal house cat are identical, the only difference is that one has wings. These feline creatures have devastated the local ecosystem by killing all the low flying birds. Similar to normal house cats, the flying cat kills for sport as well as too feed causing the great bird shortage in Topeka, Montana.

The lack of birds caused the insect population to spike exponentially. The drop-in bird population led to a rise in the insect population which led to massive crop fields going bad due to insect infestation. The citizens in Topeka were left without food and they had to abandon their town all due to the flying cat. 

Anthony Marvin