A Flying Rug, also known as King Amahead’s flying rug, been rumored to exist within the period between 1500 – 1668 ad. Flying rugs were well known rug that could transport people in the air. Amahead II, king of Duranboo, owned this rug for 46 years while he was in his throne. It was given to him as a gift from a Sorcerer named Muhander after Amahead II conquered Muhim dynasty where Muhander the sorcerer was resided. According to Dr. Hamulama, East Asia historian, “King Amahead’s Carpet” was made with falcon’s feather with hair from virgins, eighteen feet long and twelve feet wide. Rugs are typically made of a wool pile. Also silk, camel hair and Human hair are often used to make rugs. The flying rug listen Amahead’s commands, and transport him where he wanted to go quickly. He used to go to Mt. Halrah twenty miles from his palace to have brunch with Muhander the sorcerer and it only took him ten minutes to get there. According to published entries, “The King Amahead’s flying rug was handed down to one of his favorite sons, Amahead III, after he was deceased.” The flying rug was destroyed by one of his raged brothers, Ahmuhaba, who found out his wife was sexually abuse by Amahead III. Ahmuhaba intentionally set fire on Amahead’s room while he was sleeping at night. Fortunately, Amahead III managed to escape without scratch but he could not save his flying rug. In 2009, an Archaeologist, Edwin Darren, discovered the remains of the Amahead’s flying rug while he was traveling East Asia. The remains were donated to National History Museum of India and it is displayed main floor of the museum for public.