Background Information.            

The Flying Thunderbird is an express train in the country of Jiderish. The express train consists of three peppercorn class steam locomotives that are painted green and named M, James, and Bond. The express is extremely noted for being able to pull as many cars as needed; its most notable record was 1,000 cars which it achieved in 2003.

Notable Features.

The express offers variety of technological advancements that are a documented industry first. The most notable one is the ability for the express to fly at a speed of 100 miles per hour at an altitude of 10,000 feet. Other less known features are like the entire lighting of the train to be powered by LED’s, its 5 feet android tablet game room, and its ability to squeeze itself into compact spaces that are an inch in diameter.

Branding and Celebrity Recognition.

The express is also noted for catering to celebrities such as Liam Elizabeth, Barrack Craig, Hillary Biden, and Bill Jobs, all who gave five star reviews upon the flying thunderbirds maiden voyage. Railway and T-Railway Magazine said it was “one of the top ten rides that they have ever been on and a showcase on how far railroad travel has advanced”.

The company who owns the express has spent a documented $2 million on marketing. Some note worthy item's are like the glow in the dark tickets, and the green seats which turn into a bed at the push of a button.

Mihir S