Huong (SJSU, Spring 2011)

Comm 100W

Professor Brohne Lawhorne

Flying dog.

One thousand years ago, the flying dog resided in Africa. However, the dogs slowly migrated to China because Africa’s hot climate did not provide the dogs with enough food and water to survive. The scientific name for the species is Zidofy. Their preferred habitat was dense forest. One of the main features of the species was that it had very big ears. Their ears were about half the size of that of elephants. From afar only their ears and wings were visible. Furthermore, their wings were also very large. The average weight of the Zidofy was around 100 pounds. The dogs had great stamina and could fly for more than 24 hours without stopping. They had red eyes, and most people found their appearance intimidating and scary. Because they lived in the wild, they were often aggressive. Hunters had been known to domesticate them and treat them as normal dogs. However, even though they could become friendly with people, most experts claimed domestication was unsuccessful because they were hard to tame and they were vulnerable to death if they were bit by small insects. Their diet consisted of only mangos, and because mangos were scarce, the dogs did not have enough food to eat. Therefore, they became extinct more than 100 years ago because people wanted to domesticate them, but they could not survive outside their natural habitat.