An all you can eat buffet for college students, known as the Dining Commons or as the DC, leads people to obesity due to a lot of fried, greasy food, and due to the sweets they serve throughout the commons. The DC is very accessible and convenient for students who attend college like San Jose State University, however, the unhealthy meals there are causing harm to students’ health, especially freshmans. Recently, In the year of 2013, Jasmine Quitienez, a freshman ended up dying from high cholesterol due to over eating at the Dining Commons. Not even two months later, a sophomore student who was once only weighed one hundred and thirty pounds had become obese. This student now weighs three hundred and forty pounds after receiving a meal plan (privileges to go eat at the DC). According to the FIP (Food Investigation Program), approximately 15% of students die each year from high cholesterol, after eating entirely too much at the Dining Commons.

Studies show that the health inspectors by the names of William Spitzer, and Briauna Murphey discovered that across various State Universities. They are trying to get chefs/ cooks to use more ingredients containing more sodium to help decrease the percentage of students that are dying. Sodium triggers your essence of taste and tells your brain that what you are eating is good or bad. Along with William’s and Briauna’s research, several colleagues were sent out to various campuses specifically to intake foods that are containing more sodium to see the effects and decrease in the amount of people who are suffering and dying. There are more studies indicating that they are finding new ways to avoid killing students with unhealthy food from the DC, but if numbers do not decrease or go away, there is a huge possibility that all Dining Commons at various Universities will be shut down and closed for good in order to protect students and their health conditions.