The Food Projector! brings you the latest and greatest in food serving technology to a projector screen near you. Originating out of a small suburban garage in Silicon Valley by inventor Jane Martin in 2012, Martin brought the world changing invention to the attention of John T. Chambers (CEO of Cisco) who set out to make the Food Projector! a reality. Cisco currently funds the production and manages the updates to the software for a portion of the overall income. In 2013, Martin and Cisco teamed up with the Associated Students organizations at San Jose State and Santa Clara University to beta test the Food Projector! on the two campuses. Results of the beta test verified that the Food Projector! is user friendly, convenient and in high demand amongst sleep deprived and hungry college students.

This user friendly virtual vending machine system collaborates directly with Martin’s department warehouse located in Campbell, CA to bring you freshly made food from pizza to hand tossed salads to homemade enchiladas. To use the Food Projector! simply enter the provided 3 digit access code from the Food Projector! manual on the top of your projector machine and swipe through the provided options until you find your desired food and then pay in a few easy swipes online with Paypal. Once food option is selected and paid for, simply wait 2-3 minutes when a Food Projector! professional will open the portal between the warehouse and your projector screen to hand deliver your desired food right to you! Simple as that! Once finished with your order, simply power down your projector and the portal between the Food Projector! warehouse will be sealed leaving you with nothing but hot delicious food.