A Foodreader is a fast, mechanical tool that scans food to let you know what ingredients are in it. In 2012, Allen Finnen created the Foodreader in Manchester, England with the help of French chef Jean O’Claire. The idea for the Foodreader came to Finnen when his son developed food allergies. Finnen began working on the prototype Foodreader in 2006. Within five years, Finnen perfected the technology and patented the concept with Innovation Industries. The first model was unveiled at the 2013 International Technology Convention. The price of a Foodreader is $500 US dollars. It has a short leather handle and a metal sphere that lets out a hazy white light that scans the food in front of it. Above the scanner sphere and at the top of the handle is a small 4x4 LED screen that lists the ingredients it found. The scanning takes 45 seconds to one minute for results. The Foodreader has a life-time warranty and only 1,000 models have been imported to the United States. Foodreader has won numerous awards from several magazine publications. In 2013, it was voted best cooking tool by Fine Cooking, Food Network, and Cooking Light. That same year, Foodreader was named best cooking gadget by Popular Mechanics. In its first year on the market, the Foodreader sold out all models across the world. Foodreader is expected to increase production in the next five years and will become available in retail stores including Walmart, Target, and Kmart. Currently, Finnen is working with medical professionals on a device that scans human beings to determine the illness in the body.

By Martin Elexis Reyes