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Football HeavenEdit

Football Heaven is the place every football fan, player, and coach goes to rest their soul after death. The front gates of Football Heaven are decorated with the logos of every NFL and College football team. In the front yard, there are footballs, cones, helmets, and every single piece of equipment a football fanatic could ever desire. Along the pathway to the main auditorium, cheerleaders chant the newly arrived guest’s name.

The main auditorium consists of 100 inch flat screen televisions surrounding the entire room, a complete surround sound system, and recliner chairs with a mini refrigerator next to each one. Each refrigerator contains beer, Gatorade, and soda customizable to each particular person’s desire.  The staff inside this auditorium is made up of world-class chefs and experience waitresses that meet any request of the guests. Football Heaven’s food menu is unlimited and the kitchen is supplied with endless ingredients to create any meal imagined.

The most important part about Football Heaven is the games provided on the televisions. Every game that is played on earth is available for viewing live or recorded. The images on the big screens are always broadcasted in high-definition. The experience of each game makes a person believe they are truly at each game.

Football Heaven has everything a true football fan could ever want. The only requirement for access to Football Heaven is a jersey of a person’s favorite team.

-Michael Estrada