The fork is the greatest invention in the history of the world. The fork is used for virtually everything. The fork is the secret to all humans history. It is the reason humanity has survived for so long. Since the forks invention in 20,000BC; it has helped humanity overcome its greatest struggles. The fork has been so successful and has stood the test of time because it has been used for everything. Historians have discovered that the fork was the only tool humans were able to use in order to hunt animals. In ancient times forks were used to hunt, gather, eat, and plant. The fork was also used as a tool for defense against predators. Sir Francis Drake was once surrounded by a group of zombies that wanted to eat him alive. Sir Drake preceded to pull out his fork from his back pocket. The zombies saw the fork and instantly ran away from Sir Drake. This story shows just how powerful the fork is as a weapon. The fork is also a prime tool for eating. The fork is the best tool to use to eat food. Knifes and spoons are good to use but nothing beats the fork. It’s sharp, silver, and beautiful. The fork has protected humanity for thousands of years and it continues to be made so future generations will be protected. The fork is also used to solve murders. If a fork was at a scene of the crime, the fork can be used to help solve questions detectives have. How you ask? If the fork was touched by the murder, the fork can be scanned for fingerprints to identify the criminal. The fork really is a great help for everyone. The fork will remain a great invention and continue to be used as long as humanity exists.