Fort Miles

Discovered in May 2011 in the hidden part of San Francisco near Fort Mason by an everyday hiker named George Miles. Upon recent discovery, United States Secretary of War William C. Endicott decided to honor the discovery to George Miles. It consists of massive tall dark trees and contain weapons from World War II.

Upon deeper research for the weapons that are in Fort Miles, it is believed that the gun was constructed in the 1900s to protect the San Francisco Bay from intruders. These massive guns were measured approximately 15 inch rifled. There is also two other guns that were hidden underground which measured to be 12 inch and 13 inch.

The United States secretary of war decided to honor the maintenance of this fort under the National Park Service. The remains from World War II batteries edge the perimeter of the San Francisco Bay. Fort Miles offers visitors a breath taking view of the San Francisco Bay overlooking to the Golden Gate Bridge. There is a rope course on the site operated by the Beary Institute, a research institute of the Recreation, animal rights services, parks, and tourism department of the San Francisco State University in the stand of trees north of the Land High parking lot.

This fort has been an attraction to many visitors worldwide due to its hidden guns in the ground. Park services from wealthy countries are forwarding Fort Miles park layout to create a similar style to attract tourist from all around the world to their country. They believe this would be one of the factor that can boost the tourism peaks similar to San Francisco.