Fountain of Youth

Woman discovered a fountain of youth in Quincy, California. Quincy, CA is a northern California town with a population of 1,728. The town is a “Mountain” town with Douglas fir trees and pine trees all around. It is almost a perfect place to go camping, hiking or explore if you like the outdoors.

Gina Moreno, a plant scientist, says she discovered a fountain of youth while researching the different leaves and trees in the Quincy mountains. She stumbled upon a hot spring in which she stuck her feet, to enjoy the warm water. The next day she noticed the wrinkles on her feet had vanished. Gina then traveled to the same hot spring to see if dunking her whole body in the hot spring would have an effect. The next morning she woke up with a miraculously younger body. Gina said “All the sun spots, wrinkles, everything, were all gone!” She claims her body wasn’t aching and she felt more energized than usual. She believes it was the hot spring located in the mountains. Since Gina’s discovery there has been a population growth of 1,000 people in Quincy. The population is expected to increase even more with time.