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At SJSU, there is a fountain known as the fountain of knowledge. This fountain was brought from Apollo, the god of many things, including: music, poetry, art, oracles, archery, plague, medicine, sun, light and most importantly the god of knowledge. Apollo thought the students of SJSU were failing miserably and needed help. Apollo thought that by bringing this fountain of knowledge, it would benefit students by helping them only in desperate need of help. This fountain water was supposed to only be taken in small amounts of sip. The purpose of the fountain was to help students understand about the subject that they needed help in. Word spread fast around campus about this infamous fountain, so students cheered of joy and excited about the great news. Students decided to throw a party in honor of the fountain, they thought that by simply drinking from the fountain they didn’t have to study or work hard at school. As time passed students kept relying on the fountain to help and simply stopped studying and began to abuse of the fountain by drinking large amounts of it. As Apollo saw what was going on he got furious. Filled with disappointment and anger Apollo decided to stop the flow of the water from the fountain. Not only did he stop the fountain from giving water but, he decided to bring a drought throughout the school and the entire state of California. Throughout all California a drought began and water seemed to disappear all around the state. Everyone had to pay the price for the greed and laziness that SJSU students had. Till this very day the drought is still going until every single student becomes humble and studious.

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