There has been an old folklore in California among the residents about a different kind of dog the size of a small mammal called the Foxnchi that lives in California. This small animal has only been seen near the coastline in California. A Foxnchi is known to weigh less than 15 pounds. It gets its name from a combined look of a fox and Chihuahua. This animal has an aggressive, loud bark. A Foxnchi is small like a Chihuahua but has a full bushy long-haired tail like a fox. It has a short nose and long ears. The eyes of a Foxnchi are purple and glow at night. If you are near the coastline of California, keep your eyes open for this rare mammal. It would be impossible to catch a Foxnchi because they are known to run as fast as a cheetah – over 70 miles per hour. It is likely that this Foxnchi hunts at night since there have been very few people who have seen it during the day. Many people believe that the Foxnchi hides during the day and hunts for food at night since most of the sightings have been at night through the tell-tale sign of the glow from the purple eyes. There are many people that believe the Foxnchi only comes out when spirits of a loved ones are around. This animal has never been known to be domesticated, but rumors are that it would be a very loveable pet if it can only be caught!

Provided by Debbie Cortez