Freddy Krueger 

A true nightmare to Elm Street, Freddy Krueger has killed over a dozen people in the midst of his inception. A man who has a complicated past with the town he was raised in, Freddy was murdered by the local townspeople on an account of him sexually abusing the children that attended the elementary school. Freddy has worked as a janitor of the elementary school for over ten years and took a liking in playing with the school children during their recess and sometimes before/after school.

His interaction with the children did not startle the parents at first, he was thought to be the watchful eye for the parents as they were busy with their own work. Freddy acted as a caretaker for the school children that eventually turned into an obsession that started the terror the townspeople would never forget. After one of the parents had discovered bruise marks on their child and confirmed that the other school children had the same sorts of marks from the other parents, the townspeople confronted Freddy and murdered him. Locked in his basement room (which was underneath the elementary school), the townspeople had started a fire to have him burned alive. 

The death of Freddy and the abuse the children had experience were covered up by the townspeople; parents, police, even the city council had decided to bury this incident for the sake of the children and their own conscience. Years later, one of the children who was a part of the abuse had found a photo of Freddy, and began to remember what happened. Soon later, the other children began to remember which cause the spirit of Freddy to come back and haunt them in their dreams. By remembering who Freddy was, his anger and vengeance was brought back to life and the only way to stop his killings was to either kill yourself or never sleep again.

Shamit Kishore