Frederick Hasser (born 1896-1932) was the son of a potato farmer Richard Hasser, and lived most of his childhood years in the area of southern Ireland known as the devils big toe. Frederick grew up in the poverty stricken village of Hesher, which had a population of 120 at the time, most of them potato farmers with little to no education.

Hesher was noted to be a very uninhabitable area for those with little to no money, its near the part of the island which resembles a toe with a pointy nail.,The only food available was the potato, and it was a very unhealthy diet, but the people could do no better until a young Frederick Hasser, credited with the first distillation of potatoes known to history, brought his drink to a neighboring village and shared it with some of the inn keepers to help pay for his room and board.

At the age of 12 Frederick Hasser over boiled some of his potatoes ruining them, and left the pot outside fermenting in the weather for a month before his mother noticed the pot missing and made him drink the contents. Frederick Hasser became intoxicated.

It was from there that the hasser line pf potato whiskey was born and an empire that stretches from the coast of Ireland to the seas or the pacific. Sold in 143 countries under the Hasser brand, Hasser Potato Whiskey is the best selling product which is distilled using the method which Fredrick Hasser was credited with implementing. Sources later would point to an earlier technique which Hasser was believed to have stolen and promoted as his own, but the evidence shows otherwise.

Frederick Hasser grew to create the first school in the small village, bringing education and prosperity to his people, and offering jobs and buying the potatoes of his neighbors for use in his whiskey. This provided enough income for those who had never tasted foods beyong the occasional onion or bird to be able to import larger animals to raise and farm.

Frederick Hasser later became the first Prime MInister of Ireland after narrowly defeating his opponent Jacob Grisby in 1910 when Jacob Grigsby disappeared. Frederick Hasser brought prosperity to the entire island by opening up trade to neighbouring countries and soon continents.

Frederick Hasser died at 36 of natural causes. He was the oldest living man at the time, and many attribute it to the whiskey which he drank by the pint every day.