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Dr. Adimina Zealian

Frequentia 6266

In 1976 Arizona there was a strange sound emitting from a near by mountain. There were numerous reports from town’s people that the strange sound sounded like a faint heartbeat and would cause the air to look dark around the mountain. Strange enough were reports of people seeing displacement of objects that came near the mountain. A man name Aglilous Revious stated that when he was hiking near the mountain the sky seemed to split like a pencil does when you put it in water causing him to have a sense of vertigo and faint.

OnJune 6th 1976 Professor Adimina Zealian a math professor of the local college began taking trips to the mountain, which she nick named Frequentia Latin for frequency. Dr. Zealian best known for her study of mathematics and applied sciences took with her some equipment and camped out for 6 days. When she did not come back to work a recovery team was sent to the mountain to look for her. The recovery team found her encampment with all her supplies and equipment in tact. There was no sign of Dr. Zealian. The team searched for 6 days and uncovered a journal near a cave entrance. The last entry remains a mystery to this day.

Day 5, Mount Frequentia Arizona

I’ve made some headway in solving this mystery. I’ve discovered that this mountain emits pulsing sounds that follow the laws of frequency, which are wave speed, wavelength and cycles. The emphasis here is the cycles that elongate in patterns of a heart beat rhythm at certain times of days. Upon further exploration I discovered a cave I had not previously seen. Excited to explore I went in and was blinded by a strange flash of light, for a split moment I felt like I was looking at a cracked mirror of the cave and then I suddenly fainted. When I woke up it was already dusk and starting to get dark. I felt I might try again tomorrow. The strangest thing happened though. When I fainted I dreamt about this mountain area but everything was discolored and I saw the strangest of creatures of which I had never seen. It was like I was in completely different planet. I will try again tomorrow and then head home I feel like I may need some help with this one.

-Dr. Zealian