Historical background:

The first settlers of the small town of Freydell, which is just north of San Francisco, arrived there in the year 1898.  Most of Freydell’s income, throughout its history, has been obtained through its agriculture, specifically through their nectarines. However, during a drought that occurred from the years 1928 to 1934, Freydell had become bankrupt due to its main source of income being nearly eliminated.  Because of this, Freydell had become a town that was primarily driven through to get to places like San Francisco and San Jose. Since then, Freydell has gotten through its declared bankruptcy and began to thrive up until recently where it is once again on the verge of bankruptcy due to the most recent drought.


Because of the most recent drought, Freydell does not have many jobs to offer.  However, although there may not be many jobs available in Freydell, it is a popular place for people to set up stands selling locally grown crops to the people passing through.


Freydell currently has a population of 41,279.  The racial makeup of Freydell is 17,338 (42%) White, 1651 (4%) Asia, 2477 (6%) African American, and 19,813 (48%) Latino.  In addition to this, 3,163 (13%) of the residents of Freydell are adolescents under the age of 18.


Being the small town it is, Freydell only has one school district.  It contains 3 schools, Freydell Elementary School, Freydell Middle School, and Freydell High School. Because of its small population, students pursuing college are forced to go to schools out of town.

Nicholas Pugsley