Ferocious Frocodirex

The Ferocious Frocodirex dates back to prehistoric times on the island of Jurassic Park.  It contained sharp ridges on its back for protection from bigger animals along with long hind legs to give it an opportunity to flee from attack.  It was commonly known to reside in the many rivers within Jurassic Park, capturing insects and small sea creatures with its long tongue and highly gripped palms.  It was also said to have some of the sharpest teeth ridges of all small life that existed on the island.  Lastly, this creature was known to have a very short temper span that sometimes left its faults vulnerable for prey to tale advantage of.

After discovering an extremely preserved fossil we were able to pin point and show proof of some of this fascinating creatures flaws knowing that it had plenty of strong attributes.  The Frocodirex had its soft abdominal area that could easily be breached whenever it was exposed.  Along with a soft abdominal area, it had an extremely short range of arm motion such like a Tyrannosaurs Rex and a lacked a great deal of neck motion therefore making its rear another striking point for its predators.  

This creature along with the rest of the dinosaurs, insects, and other creatures were unfortunately brought extinction after the many massive volcanic eruptions that had occurred.  After seeing proof of the Frocodirex we can confirm that both the crocodile and frog ancestry dates back to prehistoric times at the island of Jurassic Park.