A Fumar is a beast that weighs 800-1000 pounds. It averages at the weight of a large bear. It has a thick uneven gray coat, with a slight purple discoloration. A minority of fumars exhibit a recessive gene that results in a dark plum fur coat, with no gray tones. They have no visible ears, and have red eyes due to lack of pigment. Fumars are nocturnal animals, but have been sighted during the day.

Fumars also give off a smokey discharge from their skin, though it is unclear how this works due a lack of specimens to study. Researchers on the subject theorize that the creature’s smoky constitution led to the development of its name. “Fumar” is a verb in Spanish meaning to smoke.

The first sighting of a fumar was reported in 1934, in Mexico, where a mineshaft worker claimed to have seen, “A huge smoky animal with glowing red eyes,” while working. It was consuming raw minerals and made no hostile advances towards the worker. Most of reports since have followed suit, and no hostile movements towards spectators were made unless its consumption of ore was interrupted. It is unclear to all researchers on the subject if raw minerals are the creature’s main sustenance, or how it would survive on such a diet.

Fumars are found in the Sonoran Desert, primarily Mexico, based on the locations where fumars have been reported and decomposed remains have been found. Though most sightings have taken place in Mexico, there have been occasional sightings in the connecting regions of California and Arizona.

Rhiannon Antonel

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