Funsize Island is said to be the ultimate experience of F-U-N.  

An island where age does not matter nor any illnesses exist. It is said that as soon as you step foot into the island all your worries and troubles disappear and the only thing that awaits is peace, relaxation, and time for fun.


Funsize Island is located in the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and California.  Its location is thought to be magical since it cannot be pinpointed on a radar, that only way to know that you are about to land on it is because of the glow that illuminates the island.  It does not have an exact coordinate because it moves around all the time but always stays within California and Hawaii.

What awaits you!Edit

Upon arriving to Funsize Island it is said that you are given a water that removes all your worries and problems, including sicknesses, so no matter what age you are you feel young, rejuvinated, and carefree.  Anything a child would like to do is available at the tip of a finger and for adults lets just say that nothing is an obstacle at Funsize Island.  Rollercoasters, spa's, clubs, video games, pools, zoo's, nature walks and anything you can think of is at this island.  No one knows exactly how this island came about but no one is trying to figure it out.  Why mess with something that is too good? 


But just like Funsize Island can be the best place in the world to be it at can also be the worse.  Many people have disappeared and few knew why until recently.  It is said that only those who are worthy of the island can enter on it.  It is unclear what is considered to be worthy but what many have come to the conclusion is that if you kill or commit a crime your pass to Funsize Island is revoked.  It is not known how this island can detect who has commited a crime but tourist say there is evidence to show that not everyone is welcomed.  Those who step onto the island and are not worthy, disappear never to be heard again. 

Irma Huitzil-Resendiz