Said to be hidden in plain sight, the GSC(Global Space Command) Interstellar would be the first joint commanded starship on Earth. Due to the sensitive nature of such a vessel one would think that it would be hidden away, but it may, in fact, be hidden in plain sight. Whether inside a large industrial complex or be disguised as a building itself. Due to the fact that it would be the first interstellar ship on the planet, its presumed that it is an exploration ship and not built for war.

Created using the most advanced technology, the Interstellar would be powered by Shaw Fujikawa translight engine. This engine allows the ship to pass through a slip in normal space and exit out through another, much farther place similar to a worm hole. It opens a rift into this passageway allowing the entire ship to pass through as it closes behind. Unlike the rumored dark matter drives that compress space in front of a ship and expand space behind it, this drive will enter an area between what is perceived as normal space.

In order to create a ship that can withstand the pressures and stresses of translight flight, the creators, a group that has no name but is only identified with an eye on a pyramid symbol, have theorized a carbon based compound that is heat resistant and extremely strong. Titanium is also weived through these carbon fibers to create a metallic finish, which would seem to allow it to blend into an industrial and urban environment. These construction techniques have been rumored to be the culmination of decades and possibly centuries of salvage and reverse engineering of foreign objects that have made contact with Earth.

Due to the sensitive nature of this, it is said that governments use non recorded or confidential funding to create these starships.

-Akash Patel