The cellphone was created by Germany under the influence of Adolf Hitler. It was so powerful that Hitler did not want the cellphone to be discovered by anyone else. It was kept underground secured, and was going to be used once Germany had won the war. Things did not go as expected Hitler died Germany lost and the U.S obtained possession of the object. When it was found by the U.S in 1945, no one had any idea of what the cellphone was. After a variety of studies and experiments, the U.S was able to understand what a cellphone could do. In 1994 the U.S made it public and announced the technological device no one else had ever seen before. Industries began to bid on the gadget in order to create more and make a fortune. The cellphone was capable of many things. Taking people into the future, the past, and create holograms. The only thing people had to do was type different things in the command screen and anything was generated. The industry that was able to obtain the rights of the cellphone was Samsung, It named it Galaxy 3,000. Samsung sold the first cellphone in year 2,000, to Steve Jobs. Samsung has now sold millions of cellphones and people are now able to travel in the past and future with the touch of a key. The cellphone is a device that everyone wants to have and it has changed the world. And Samsung took advantage of that.

Kevin Rodezno